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Watershed is a nationally and internationally recognized Integrated Learning Program for 7th grade. Created by Mark Springer and Ed Silcox in 1987, Watershed is a yearlong full day program, which replaces the traditional seventh grade curriculum.

Skills and concepts are integrated around the specific study of a local watershed through a combination of classroom activities and site visits, which meet the PA Common Core State Standards for Language Arts, Social Studies and Science. Watershed is a research-based program, which focuses on scientific investigation through experimental design while incorporating data interpretation/analysis, math and reading skills to solve problems. Students are encouraged to gather, retain, interrelate, apply and communicate first hand information about watersheds with special emphasis about what it means to live sustainably in the 21st century.

To learn more about the Integrated Programs at RMS, including the selection and lottery process, visit the Integrated Programs webpage. To learn more about the courses available for 7th-grade students, view the RMS Program of Studies.

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The ultimate goal of the Watershed Program is to foster a positive sense of self within each student to be a responsible member of a vibrant close community of learners who enjoy learning from each other. Students are encouraged to set goals, to take pride in the quality of their work and accomplishments as they navigate the academic as well as the social challenges of middle school.

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