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RMS 8th-Graders Earn Awards at Future City Competition

Radnor Middle School students in the 8th-grade integrated program Gateways earned two awards, "Innovation in Sustainable Engineering" and "Inspiring Heroes," in the virtual Philadelphia Future City Competition on January 22. The team researched and developed a solution to the challenge, "Design a Waste-Free City that Uses the Principles of a Circular Economy," by imagining and creating the future city "Marochora" on the coast of Greece.

According to the students' submission, their proposed future city would operate under a "F.R.E.E." philosophy (Futuristic, Revitalization, Equitable, and Ebullient) to be "waste F.R.E.E to the highest degree." Using cardboard and other materials, the team designed and built homes and other structures for their city, including a hospital, middle school, and police station. A moving sidewalk was proposed and constructed, as was a solar farm, recycling plant, and islands off the coast dedicated to gardening and shopping.

Future City is a project-based learning program where middle school students imagine, research, design and build cities of the future. Each year, participating teams are given a specific problem and must create a futuristic city that addresses the issue.

The complete roster of students enrolled in the Gateways program this school year are:

  • Adrianna Anderson
  • Lannon Boyd
  • Isabella Bucci
  • Sabrina Chen
  • Haeun Cho
  • Joseph Darragh
  • Ella Diebold
  • Annika Dillon
  • Jacqueline Dunn
  • Jackson Farhy
  • Arav Gaddameedi
  • Nicolo Gallia
  • Ezekiel Gobenciong
  • Finn Gorman
  • Layla Guinan
  • Connor Haines
  • Natalie Hasrouni
  • Cal Honesty
  • Maya Imperato
  • Banu Izzetoglu
  • Fiorella Johnson-Gozalo
  • Samuel Kane
  • Alexsia Kim
  • Max Korenberg
  • Eva Kostic
  • Tobin Longsworth
  • Lucas Mitchell
  • Andrew Quigley
  • Mackenzie Rose
  • Kangjian Shao
  • Cooper Smith
  • Graham Sonier
  • Samantha Stamps
  • Ashley Suh
  • Sarvesh Sundar
  • Jed Van Dusen
  • Luke Vandevere
  • Margaret Wetzel
  • Nyah Yao
  • Luke Zhang

The class is led by 8th-grade teachers Darcy DiGiacomo and Stephen Smolen.


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