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Daniel Xu Wins Radnor Middle School Spelling Bee

Seventh-grader Daniel Xu is this year's Radnor Middle School Spelling Bee Champion, following several rounds of competition in April. 

The first round took place during Language Arts classes and the second round narrowed the field to one winner from each team.

Team finalists were 6th-graders Ben Steinway (Team Blue), Sienna Gurk (Team Red), Audrey McRae (Team Yellow), and Aiden Lee (Crossroads); 7th-graders Arielle Mims (Watershed), Hanna Shevade (Team Green), Daniel Xu (Team Orange), and Trevor Simone Dobin (Team Purple); and 8th-graders Annie Zhong (Team Bronze), Luke Howard (Team Copper), Kishon Nagasarsingh (Team Chrome); and Fiorella Johnson-Gozalo (Gateways).

Round three narrowed the field to five spellers: Sienna, Daniel, Luke, Fiorella, and Kishon. During the fourth and final round, Daniel outlasted the competition and ultimately won with the word "lambasted." Fiorella finished second and Kishon in third.

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