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Baseball Guidelines


  1. Rained-out games will be rescheduled whenever possible. There must be mutual consent between schools to reschedule rained-out games. 
  2. Base coaches may be a faculty coach or a student member of the squad. If a student, base coaches must be in team uniform. Coaches DO NOT have to wear a team uniform.
  3. A seven-inning game is adopted as official in Middle School. In the event of rain, the game is official after 4 1/2 innings if the home team is winning. 
  4. Game time will be 2 hours from START time. No inning will start after 1:45 from start time. The umpire shall keep the official time. Once the game starts, the umpire’s time decision is final.
  5. All fields must be marked with long foul lines. 
  6. Field dimensions are 90 feet to bases and 60 feet 6 inches to mound. 
  7.  Any student on base must use a NOSCAE approved helmet.
  8. Bat 3 oz weight allowance. The difference between the length of the bat and weight of the bat cannot be greater than
  9. All bats must have BBCOR.50 seal
  10. Only starters should take infield / outfield practice.
  11. Spikes are allowed
  12. PITCH COUNT - responsibility of coach. 0-25 - no days, 26 to 50- 1 day, 51 to 75 - 2 days, 76 to 100 - 3 days. 
    • No more then 200 pitches in a week. Inform opposing coach end of each inning. If pitch count is reached during at bat, can finish that batter. Must be pulled at that point. a. EXTRA HITTER - at each teams discretion, a tenth hitter(EH) may be used. The EH must be designated on official batting order card prior to start of game. EH is just like any other position, players can be interchanged at positions as long as batting order remains the same.