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Track and Field Guidelines

ORDER OF EVENTS (can switch hurdles and 1600 meter)

  1. A. Hurdle
    B. 1600 meter run 
  2. 100 meter run 
  3. 100 meter dash (95lbs) 
  4. 100 meter dash (105lbs) 
  5. 100 meter dash (115lbs) 
  6. 800 meter open
  7. 200 meter run 
  8. 400 meter run 
  9. 400 meter relay (95lbs)
  10. 400 meter relay (105lbs)
  11. 400 meter relay (115lbs)
  12. 400 meter relay (open) 
  13. 1600 meter relay (open)

 ** Tri-meets can run the ‘B” heats for hurdles and mile while field events are being contested ++ Tri-meets are scored as 3 separate bi-meets.

FIRST 2 heats are “A” heats for all dashes Field events: Begin 15 minutes after the arrival of at least 2 teams Shot Put High Jump Long Jump

Hurdles will be run on the track · Events may be run in metric measurements according to NFHS Rules. 

Miscellaneous Items 

  1. Rainout meets will be rescheduled whenever possible. There must be mutual consent between the schools for the game to be rescheduled. If only 2 of the 3 scheduled schools are only available for a make-up, those two school s can hold a meet. 
  2. The weight dashes and relays will include 7TH and 8 TH grade students on weight or under. Weight classes: 100 lb, 115 lb, and open 
  3. Runners must weigh a weight class or lower on Monday prior to the first meet of the season. A second weigh-in, one month later, will allow a three-pound weight gain. Coaches must be in possession of official weight sheets (AD signed) at all meets and make available for opposing coaches at their request. 
  4. Each athlete may compete in four events, only three running events (a relay counting as a running events) and may run in only one relay. 
  5. Only one relay per school will count toward team score, however, a school may enter a “B” relay for exhibition. 
  6. Whenever possible, adult officials will be used. 
  7. Points: all meets – individual events 5-3-1. Relays will be awarded 5 –1 points. Tri-meets will be scored as 3 different dual meets. 
  8. Running events will be limited to three entries from each school unless schools agree to “b” heats. “B” heats will count only if three entries from each school cannot fit on the track. When three runners cannot fit, the first place “B” heat place may only bump third place FROM THE “A” heat. The 400 meter, 800 meter, and 1600 meter run has no restrictions for the number of participants. 
  9. Field events will be limited to 5 entries per school. 
  10. No spikes may be worn during field events and no one may compete in bare feet. The use of spikes at all-weather tracks depends on home team’s regulations
  11. When possible, lane judges should be placed at exchange zones for relay races. 
  12. In all meets, in case of ties, the points will be split. 
  13. The HOME team will place relay teams on the track first and no changes will be made once the contestants are in place.
  14. The cross bar for boys high jump will be set as follows with three attempts per height; 4’, 4’-6”, 4’-9”, 5’, 5’- 2”, 5’-3”, and 1” thereafter. The girls high jump shall be; 3’-6”, 3’-9”, 4’, and 2” thereafter. 15.Runners will be disqualified after one false start. 
  15. Hurdle measurements; Boys Girls Number of hurdles 5 6 Start to first hurdle 13 meters 12 meters Between hurdles 8.5 meters 8 meters Last hurdle to finish line 13 meters 8 meters Height of hurdles 33 inches 30 inches Race length 60 meters 60 meters